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iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus are smartphones designed, developed, and marketed by Apple Inc. They were announced on September 2017

iPhone 8 color
iphone 8

IPhone 8 face scanner will unlock the phone almost instantly Apple’s iPhone 8, expected to launch sometime this fall, isn’t the first phone to use this sort of feature. Samsung’s Galaxy S8 also features a face scanner, for example, which unlocks the phone very quickly. It also packs an iris scanner, which Samsung has said is more secure. Apple’s 3D sensor may be more secure than Samsung’s technology, however, which can be tricked with a photo.

The iPhone 8 is said to be chock full of new features ranging from an edge-to-edge OLED display that’s more colorful and brighter than previous screens, wireless charging and more. It’s expected to launch in September in limited quantities. Twitter ACC Tim Cook

iphone 8plus
iphone 8plus

that will power the next iPhone allegedly appears in newly leaked photos posted to Slashleaks, which were first spotted by MacRumors. The 10-nanometer chips are reportedly manufactured exclusively by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) and expected to power the upcoming iPhone 8, iPhone 7S, and iPhone 7S Plus models. cost more than $1,000

After three years and three phones, it seems that the iPhone is finally getting a facelift. Kaufen ohne Vertrag

Recent reports from Forbes and Apple blog 9to5Mac suggest that the next iPhone, likely called the iPhone 8 (or perhaps the iPhone X), will feature a smaller body than its predecessors, but a far larger screen. A video of a purported dummy version of the phone, shared with 9to5Mac and in line with earlier leaks, hint that it will have two rear-facing cameras (arranged vertically instead of horizontally as they are on the iPhone 7 Plus) and no home button or fingerprint sensors. APPLE Facebook Fan Page

It seems the new phone will have a larger screen, but in a smaller package. Leaks of potential third-party cases for the next iPhone, uncovered by Forbes, suggest that almost the entirety of the front of the device is a screen, with just a small cutout at the top for the receiver and front-facing camera. According to the report, the screen of the new model will measure 5.8 inches—compare that with the iPhone 7 Plus screen, which is roughly 5.5 inches, but only comprises about two-thirds of the surface. Other new features tossed around the blogosphere for the new iPhone include wireless charging and a fingerprint scanner built into the display.

The A11 chip should give the phones improved speed and efficiency, along with enough power for new features like 3D facial scanning

APPLE HOMEPAGE iphone 8 g A11 processor

We can’t tell much from the photos, but that’s just fine. The A11 is a processor, after all, so it’s destined to stay out of sight within the iPhone’s casing. The bigger takeaway here is that the images potentially give us some new insight about the manufacturing timeline. If we’re seeing the chip now, that could very well mean that production on the new phones is close to being underway

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iPhone 8 color
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