Total Solar Eclipse

On Monday a total solar eclipse the Big Day United States on August 21, 2017 creating awesome weather forecast for the total solar eclipse

On Monday, August 21, 2017, all of North America will be treated to an Total eclipse of the sun. Anyone within the path of totality can see one of nature’s most awe inspiring sights – a total solar eclipse. This path, where the moon will completely cover the sun and the sun’s tenuous atmosphere – the corona – can be seen, will stretch from Salem, Oregon to Charleston, South Carolina. Observers outside this path will still see a partial solar eclipse where the moon covers part of the sun’s disk.An alternative method for safe viewing of the partially eclipsed Sun is pinhole projection. For example, cross the outstretched, slightly open fingers of one hand over the outstretched, slightly open fingers of the other.

With your back to the Sun, look at your hands’ shadow on the ground. The little spaces between your fingers will project a grid of small images on the ground, showing the Sun as a crescent during the partial phases of the eclipse.

A solar eclipse is one of nature’s grandest spectacles. By following these simple rules, you can safely enjoy the view and be rewarded with memories to last a lifetime.

Safety information courtesy of NASA Yes, it’s important that the weather co-operates  if you can’t see the sun, then you won’t see the eclipse! It’s important to watch the weather forecasts intently in the days before the eclipse. Eclipse chasers who travel around the world are sometimes stuck in the location they’ve chosen, and so they plan meticulously to seek out the most likely places where the weather will be clear. We have much more flexibility in travel here in the USA, but you should still keep watch. Without suppressing high pressure overhead, scattered thunderstorms are possible from the northern Gulf Coast to the coastal Carolinas, including parts of the Florida Peninsula, as is typical on a summer afternoon.

The eclipse will take place in the early to mid-afternoon hours along the East Coast, typically the time during which thunderstorms will flare up.

So, you may have to cross your fingers poorly-timed showers or thunderstorms don’t block your view. Total Solar Eclipse 2017 When Time

Patches of cloud cover may affect other parts of the Southeast, as well. This may be a particular issue in the southern Appalachians, as clouds along with possible showers and storms develop with the heating of the day.

Conditions in the Tennessee Valley, however, are looking good at this time. Viewing the upcoming total solar eclipse on Aug. 21 does not only mean planning where to travel to see it, but also having the proper tools to view it safely. Eclipse glasses feature a specially designed pair of solar filters, which allow people to safely view the sun and are a necessity for viewing an eclipse.
The only time that people do not need to wear these solar filters is during the brief period of time when the moon completely covers the face of the sun, also known as totality.

You use these filters when any part of the bright sun is visible, but during totality when all of the bright sun’s face is covered, you take them off and look at what is arguably one of the most spectacular sights in all of nature,” said Rick Fienberg, press officer of the American Astronomical Society.

Why it is important to wear eclipse glasses, not sunglasses
Looking at the sun without specially made solar filters, even for a few seconds, can lead to long-term, irreversible eye damage.

total solar eclipse the Big Day United States on August 21 2017
Why it is important to wear eclipse glasses, not sunglasses Looking at the sun without specially made solar filters, even for a few seconds, can lead to long-term, irreversible eye damage

The reason that eclipse glasses are important is because the sun is so insanely bright that if you were to look at it for more than a fraction of a second, you would risk serious injury to your retinas,” Fienberg said.
Some may think that dark sunglasses are just as good, but they do not offer nearly enough protection. Solar Eclipse Map on August 21 2017

“Not only do [eclipse glasses] block 100,000 times more visible light than ordinary sunglasses, but they also block potentially harmful ultraviolet and infrared radiation, “ Fienberg said.

Total Solar Eclipse 2017 When Time

Total solar eclipse August 21, 2017 on Monday From Oregon to South Carolin United States bright light of the Sun total eclipse the stars

Total solar eclipse August 21, 2017 on Monday From Oregon to South Carolin United States bright light of the Sun total eclipse the stars
Total solar eclipse August 21, 2017 on Monday From Oregon to South Carolin United States bright light of the Sun total eclipse the stars

What Is a Total Solar Eclipse?  A full solar eclipse, known as totality, is almost as dark as night. Complete Solar Eclipse Has 5 Phases
There are 5 stages in a total solar eclipse

Partial eclipse begins 1st contact The Moon starts becoming visible over the Sun’s disk. The Sun looks as if a bite has been taken from it.
Total eclipse begins 2nd contact  The entire disk of the Sun is covered by the Moon. Observers in the path of the Moon’s umbra may be able to see Baily’s beads and the diamond ring effect, just before totality.
Totality and maximum eclipse: The Moon completely covers the disk of the Sun. Only the Sun’s corona is visible. This is the most dramatic stage of a total solar eclipse. At this time, the sky goes dark, temperatures can fall, and birds and animals often go quiet. The midpoint of time of totality is known as the maximum point of the eclipse. Observers in the path of the Moon’s umbra may be able to see Baily’s beads and the diamond ring effect, just after totality ends.

Solar Eclipse 2017 Time: When is the Total Solar Eclipse? The total solar eclipse in the United States is a rare phenomenon

Solar Eclipse 2017 Time: When is the Total Solar Eclipse? The total solar eclipse in the United States is a rare phenomenon

Total eclipse ends (3rd contact): The Moon starts moving away, and the Sun reappears. Protect Your Eyes!
Never look directly at the Sun, eclipsed or otherwise, without proper protective eyewear. The Sun’s UV radiation can burn the retinas in your eyes, and cause permanent damage or even blindness.

To watch a solar eclipse safely, wear protective eclipse glasses or project an image of the eclipsed Sun using a pinhole projector.

Only Safe during Full Eclipse
It is safe to view a fully eclipsed Sun, totality, with the naked eye. It is also safe to observe totality through cameras, telescopes or binoculars without any special filters. However, naked eye observations MUST NOT begin until Baily’s beads have completely disappeared (see below). Also, naked eye observations MUST finish before Baily’s beads reappear at the end of totality. Make sure you know how long totality will last at your location.
ammighty darkness is about to descend upon the land, and sky watchers couldn’t be more thrilled.

Watch the total solar eclipse as it makes its way across America in TIME’s livestream event with Amy Shira Teitel and Marsha Ivins

total solar
total solar 2017

On Aug. 21 the Earth, sun and moon will blow our minds during a total solar eclipse that will last a little more than an hour and 33 minutes, coast to coast. The celestial bodies will line up to block the sun from view, an event scientists and historians are calling the Great American Eclipse.

Here’s why all the excitement: This total eclipse of the sun is the first since 1776 whose path of totality — the narrow corridor where observers will be in the moon’s shadow as it covers the sun — lies completely within the continental United States and no other country.

Solar eclipse 2017: What time and where is it, plus the science behind it

Alas, it won’t touch California, but that doesn’t mean residents of the Golden State can’t be part of it.

Partial eclipses happen all the time, but this rare cosmic occurrence will turn the summer day dark, reveal stars in the daytime sky and move the black disk of the moon to where the sun should be.

Along the horizon, twilight will glow in sunset colors and the temperature will drop suddenly. Fans liken a total solar eclipse to a spiritual experience, while other experts describe it in poetic terms.

Total Solar Eclipse USA Map August 21 2017

USA Map Total Solar Eclipse Monday August 21 2017 in the United States of America the Coronado line of solar viewing gear from Meade

Solar ECLIPSE MAPS On August 21, 2017, the NATIONAL ECLIPSE will trace a narrow path of totality across twelve U.S. states. A detailed map of each state along the path of totality can be found below. The upper and lower yellow lines on each map outline the limits of the path of totality. To experience the total phase of the eclipse, you must be within these yellow lines. The closer you are to the green centerline, the longer totality will last. Overview maps of the 2017 eclipse

Maps of the Path Total Solar Eclipse 2017
Maps of the Path Total Solar Eclipse 2017

When will the total solar eclipse occur, and how long will it last?

The total solar eclipse occurs only within the yellow path as shown in this map. Do whatever it takes to station yourself inside this path, preferably in the middle so that you can enjoy the maximum duration of totality. Furthermore, select your location on the basis of the short-term weather forecast and ensure that you can jump in a car and drive to another location if clouds threaten your location. How to read these eclipse maps

On the map above, the yellow curves parallel to the path of the total solar eclipse mark the degree of maximum partial eclipse. ‚Magnitude‘ refers to the maximum fraction of the Sun’s disk occulted by the Moon.

2017 total solar eclipse visible to  United States USA on August 21, 2017 creating a coast-to-coast total solar eclipse visible to millions Google Map of the 2017 Eclipse

solareclipse USA

The map below shows the same phenomena but with more detail. The gallery of maps below show various eclipse circumstances. You can inspect eclipse magnitude, times of begin and end of the partial stage of the solar eclipse, times of local greatest eclipse, sun altitude in the sky at begin and end of the partial stage of the solar eclipse, and the sun altitude at local greatest eclipse.
What is a total solar eclipse?

A total solar eclipse occurs when the disk of the moon appears to completely cover the disk of the sun in the sky. The fact that total solar eclipses occur at all is a quirk of cosmic geometry. The moon orbits an average of 239,000 miles (385,000 kilometers) from Earth — just the right distance to seem the same size in the sky as the much-larger sun. However, these heavenly bodies line up only about once every 18 months.

What will I see during a total solar eclipse? Information about the total solar eclipse in the USA on August 21 2017!  Of course, you can check out this great dynamic

The Great American Eclipse of 2017 August

During a total solar eclipse, the disk of the moon blocks out the last sliver of light from the sun, and the sun’s outer atmosphere, the corona, becomes visible. The corona is far from an indistinct haze; skywatchers report seeing great jets and ribbons of light, twisting and curling out into the sky.

„It brings people to tears,“ Rick Fienberg, a spokesperson for the American Astronomical Society (AAS), told of the experience. „It makes people’s jaw drop.“

During totality, the area inside the moon’s shadow is cloaked in twilight — a very strange feeling to experience in the middle of the day. Just before and just after totality, observers can see this cloak of darkness moving toward them across the landscape, and then moving away.

Total Solar Eclipse 2017 – Maps of the Path

Eclipse Maps WOW

These effects are not visible during a partial solar eclipse, so skywatchers are encouraged to see if they are inside the path of totality during the total eclipse. Bringing you updated total solar eclipse path information, maps, pictures, videos and latest news as the moon blocks out the sun along the path of totality.

The darkest path, where Americans will witness the total eclipse, will stretch all the way from Oregon on the West Coast to South Carolina on the East Coast.

The 70-mile path passes through Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee and Georgia.

Meanwhile, a partial solar eclipse will be visible across the UK just before sunset as the moon appears to take a „bite“ out of the sun.

Here are live updates on the path, maps and time as well as total solar eclipse pictures and latest news. (All times BST) Gloomy skies are set to stop Britons seeing a partial solar eclipse on Monday evening, forecasters have warned.

Met Office forecaster Martin Bowles said: „“From a meteorological point of view it is not looking very good because of the cloud – most people won’t be able to see a thing.

„There will be some breaks in the cloud in the south-west of the country – South Wales and south-west England – there will be enough breaks that people who are looking specifically might be able to see a little chip out of the corner of the sun.”

2017 August 21 Total Solar Eclipse

10.05am: Clear skies in Oregon raise hopes of good view

In Depoe Bay, Oregon, clear skies on Sunday raised hopes that the corona would be visible and not obscured by coastal haze or cloud.

Lisa Black, from Vancouver, Canada, said she and her party planned to have breakfast on the beach and be ready with their glasses.

She said: „It will be cool to be able to look out at the ocean and just have the openness when it goes totally dark.“

The total solar eclipse will first be seen at 10.15am PDT (6.15pm BST) near Depoe Bay, Oregon.

10am: Mass migration to see the total solar eclipse

Perhaps never before have so many people had the opportunity to see a total eclipse, said Michael Zeiler, a self-described „eclipse chaser”.

Mr Zeiler, who runs, estimates that up to 7.4million people with travel to the zone to observe the total eclipse.

Total Solar Eclipse Map on August 21 2017

The Solar Eclipse on August 21, 2017 all of North America will be treated to an eclipse of the sun Eclipse: Who? What? Where? When? and How?

Total Solar Eclipse
Total Solar Eclipse

How to earn the BSA 2017 Total Solar Eclipse On Aug. 21, 2017, the solar system serves up a special treat. Aug. 21 is a Monday, but those Scouts and Venturers who are still on summer break should plan a big celebration. Like all the best celebrations, this one comes with its own patch. On Monday, Aug. 21, 2017, a total eclipse will cross the entire country, coast-to-coast, for the first time since 1918. Weather permitting, the entire continent will have the opportunity to view an eclipse as the moon passes in front of the sun, casting a shadow on Earth’s surface. And plans for this once-in-a-lifetime eclipse are underway – scientists are submitting research proposals, NASA is sharing information on safe eclipse viewing with community centers, and citizen science projects are developing. Facebook

Information about the total solar eclipse in the USA on August 21 2017 Dedicated to the safe observation of the Total Solar Eclipse of August 21, 2017

The Total Solar Eclipse of 2017 in Pictures
The Total Solar Eclipse of 2017 in Pictures

The total solar eclipse begins near Lincoln City, Oregon, at 10:15 a.m. PDT (1:15 p.m. EDT). Totality ends at 2:48 p.m. EDT near Charleston, South Carolina. The partial eclipse will start earlier and end later, but the total eclipse itself will take about one hour and 40 minutes to cross the country. NASA will fund a host of science projects that will occur during this unique period of time.

August 21, 2017, all of North America will be treated to an eclipse of the sun. Anyone within the path of totality can see one of nature’s most awe-inspiring sights – a total solar eclipse.

US Total Solar Eclipse of August 21 2017
US Total Solar Eclipse of August 21 2017

Scientists from NASA, the University of Texas Arlington and the University of Hawaii presented an overview of the 2017 total solar eclipse at the American Geophysical Union’s Fall Meeting in San Francisco on Dec.14, 2016. They discussed the geometry of eclipses, THERE’S NOTHING MORE NATURAL than eclipses, which were reported in ancient history and cited in the Bible (check Amos 8:9). One occurs every 18 months, somewhere on the planet. But they only happen in the same specific spot every four centuries or so, and for a long time they were…confusing.

Solar eclipse blocks sun
Solar eclipse blocks sun

Some North American indigenous groups made noise to scare the sudden darkness away, while in Togo it was traditionally a time to resolve feuds, in hopes that the sun and the moon would make up. Public observatories have reported that in advance of eclipse events, they hear questions about whether the eclipse will hurt pregnant women or unborn children. eclipse science now and throughout the ages, and how to safely view next year’s solar eclipse.

On August 21, 2017, Americans will be able to see the first total solar eclipse to stretch across the country since 1918

usa total solar eclipse
usa total solar eclipse

Solar eclipses occur when the moon blocks any part of the sun. Total solar eclipses, however, are only possible on Earth because of a cosmic quirk of geometry: The sun’s diameter is 400 times wider than the moon’s, but it is also 400 times farther away. The result is that the sun and the moon appear to be the same size from our perspective. When they line up just right, the moon can obscure the sun’s entire surface, creating a total solar eclipse. This line-up occurs once every 12 to 18 months. Partial solar eclipses, on the other hand, occur when the alignment is such that the moon blocks only part of the sun, and these can occur more frequently.

During a total eclipse, we have the rare opportunity to look directly at the sun’s vast, striking outer atmosphere, the corona. The corona appears as pearly white rays and streamers, radiating around the lunar disk. The August 2017 eclipse will present this exciting opportunity to millions across the entire country.

Where & when is the Total Solar Eclipse on August 21, 2017 visible?

Solar Eclipse 2017
Solar Eclipse 2017

But total solar eclipses are more than simply beautiful to look at. They provide unique opportunities for science – and many kinds of science at that. Indeed, total eclipses throughout history have paved the way for major scientific findings across various disciplines.

“Ancient people in different civilizations were able to discern celestial patterns and predict eclipses without understanding the science,” said Ramon Lopez, a space physicist at the University of Texas Arlington. A Guide to August’s Rare Total Solar Eclipse

NASA Recommends Safety Tips to View the August Solar Eclipse A total solar eclipse, which is when the Moon completely covers the Sun, will occur across 14 states in the continental U.S. on Aug 21, 2017
Total solar eclipse of Aug 21, 2017
Total solar eclipse of Aug 21, 2017

Get Ready for the Total Solar Eclipse of 2017!
Credit: Rick Fienberg / TravelQuest Int’l. / Wilderness Travel.
On Aug. 21, 2017, the „Great American total solar eclipse“ will treat skywatchers across the continental United States as the moon passes before the Sun. This photo guide is packed with information about the historic event, including maps, charts and infographics to help you safely and successfully observe the solar eclipse.

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