What will the iPhone 8 look like? cost more than $1,000

iPhone 8 release price, date, specs and features Apple’s iPhone 8 will get a release date inside Q3 2017 How many models of iPhone

Apple’s iPhone 8 is now just weeks away from being unveiled. That great big OLED display… the bezel-less face  the potentially ugly or potentially brilliant notch cut out of the top of the screen… it all adds up to an i-Phone design that’s unlike anything APPLE Facebook Fan Page users have seen before. Twitter ACC Tim Cook

i Phone 8 2017 Full Details images  Of course, there’s going to be much more to Apple’s upcoming next-generation iPhone than just its pretty face, and the latest leak shifts focus to the brains that will power all of the i Phone 8’s brawn. APPLE HOMEPAGE

According to a report by iDrop, the phone will be larger than the i Phone 7 but smaller than the 7s, measuring 5.65 x 2.79 x 0.298 inches.  7

While there is yet to be confirmation from Apple, alleged „blueprints“ have been doing the rounds on Chinese social media.

The design suggests the “Touch ID” button will appear on the front and that the device will feature the same sort of home button and fingerprint scanner as the current model. i Phone 8 Plus specifications

You can see one of the diagram in the tweet below, which was sent by Apple Insider. iphone8

Other images, produced by an Apple expert who claims that they are based on „leaked blueprints“, show artist’s impressions of the upcoming smartphone.

The pictures show a vertical camera with twin lenses, suggesting the gadget will be a snapper’s delight. https://newshoopi.com/iphone_8/

iPhone 8 release date, features, and specs Weibo leaks ‚confirm‘  rear camera array

iphone 8 features
iphone 8 features

They also show that the front of the phone is entirely covered by a display and indicate it will have no visible fingerprint sensor.

If the pics are accurate, this would mean owners will unlock the phone by pressing their digits on the screen rather than on a dedicated scanner.

Apple Insider reported how a video was uploaded showing close-up with an alleged „i Phone 8“ design dummy in „copper gold“ – which could be one of three colour options for the device.

Two video leaks on Chinese social networking site Weibo show the iPhone 8 apparently being manufactured (or at least cleaned) at Foxconn’s factory.

free iphone 8 test and keep

Although the videos look like they were recorded pretty hastily (which wouldn’t be surprising as they would have to be very much under the radar), they do seem genuine, with workers busy polishing a substantial number of devices that certainly look like renders we’ve seen of the iPhone 8.

Those with super-vision will notice a vertically aligned rear camera, but rather disappointingly, there’s no evidence of the edge-to-edge display rumoured because all devices are powered off. the 10th anniversary For I phone 8 All the Latest Rumors

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